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Saint Laurent | Vinyle Round Camera Bag

4 Day Rental $120.00

Turn heads ’round with this beauty

RRP $1,710 AUD

Try on’s available in Newcastle West, NSW Book an appointment with Ali!


Saint Laurent Vinyle Round Camera Bag

•    Made in Italy
•    Purchased from David Jones, Pacific Fair QLD
•    Dimensions 17cm x 17cm x 5.5cm
•    Serial Number: 2020-304189-610436-1GF07-9207
•    Strap Included

Crafted with chevron quilted leather, bold YSL initials and a round shape that no other brand can confidently encompass – the Vinyle Round Camera Bag will have you clutching at the heels! Perfect to dress-up, dress down, dress for Coachella or for Friday night drinks – this is your perfect all ‘rounder’ bag.