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Kate Spade | Picnic Perfect Lemon Wicker Crossbody Bag

4 Day Rental $75.00

RRP $599 AUD

Oh, so zesty!

Try on’s available in Newcastle West, NSW – Book an appointment with Ali!

If your booking ends on a Saturday or Sunday, you will need to send the bag by 9am on Monday – via registered Post or by elected courier.

Need it longer? No problems! Our booking minimums are 4 days, however – visit our contact page to discuss meeting all of your requirements and requests for hire!


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Kate Spade | Picnic Perfect Lemon Wicker Crossbody Bag

•    Purchased from Kate Spade, Westfield Pitt Street, Sydney NSW
•    Dimensions 17cm x 22.86cm x 13.4cm
•    Reference Number: k/wkru6833772
•    Strap included

This little wicker lemon number, will have all of your friends zesting over you. So sweet, not sour and picnic perfect with a lemon coloured wicker body, leather leaves and embellishments, twill lining and a cross-body strap. Perfect for a themed event, to stand out of the crown – or, your anticipated evenings in Capri!