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Privacy Policy

1. Definitions

  1. “Spritz Lane” Means Spritz Lane who will be supplying the item / accessory to the customer to hire.
  2. “Spritz Lane Website” Means Spritz Lane website, Facebook & Instagram page.
  3. “Customer” Means the individual who is hiring out the item supplied by Spritz Lane, is over the age of 18, and accepts the Terms & Conditions (by checking the box that the Customer Accepts, & a valid signature) of hiring the item. For the purposes of this privacy policy, Customer may also mean members of the public browsing Spritz Lane.
  4. “Accessory” or “Item” Means all item(s) or accessories supplied by Spritz Lane to the customer.
  5. “Agreement of Hire” Means an agreement that is formed the Customer accepts the Terms & Conditions and makes payment of the Hire Fee. Effectively, Spritz Lane will then agree to supply the item to the Customer for the Hire Period.
  6. “Damage(s/d)” Means any  damages including, but not limited to, a stain, mark, tear, Discolouration, changes to the original colour, faultiness, alterations caused to the item during the Hire Period, whilst in the possession of the Customer.
  7. “Debt Collectors” Means any insurer or solicitor, Commercial agent or law enforcement body, which Spritz Lane has retained to collect any outstanding fees owed by the Customer.
  8. “Hire Fee” Means the cost to hire the item from Spritz Lane for the Hire Period.
  9. “Hire Period” Means the duration between the Delivery Date and Return Date of the item.
  10. “Terms & Conditions” Means the Terms & Conditions as stated on Spritz Lane website.

2. Collection of Personal Information

  1. Personal Information collected by Spritz Lane  will be any information which the Customer has provided to Spritz Lane. In no circumstances is Personal Information collected by Spritz Lane distributed unless the Customer has actively entered and confirmed information via our website, Facebook, Instagram or via email.
  2. Personal information can include, but are not limited to the following;
    1. Identification card such as a drivers license, passport or photocard;
    2. Full Name;
    3. Date of Birth;
    4. Phone number;
    5. Email address;
    6. Postal address;
    7. Payment card details; (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Afterpay or any other credit provider)

3. Security, Storage and Protection of Personal Information

  1. A Customer’s Personal information will be stored on a secured database.
    1. The data base will have restricted and limited access and will only allow access to Spritz Lane and any approved personnel operating such data base.
  2. Spritz Lane will not be responsible for any privacy breaches that has occurred externally on the customer’s device, which has caused subsequent breaches on the Customer’s Spritz Lane account.
    1. However, should this occur, and Spritz Lane is made aware of the issue by the Customer, Spritz Lane may at its sole discretion decide to make attempts to assist the Customer such as cancelling orders that have not been made by the Customer.

4. Use of Personal Information

Personal information will only be used by Spritz Lane for the following purposes;

  1. To register the Customer’s account onto Spritz Lane’s secured database;
  2. To process an Agreement of Hire and all actions to follow;
  3. To assist/respond to any communications with the Customer;
  4. To email and/or SMS the Customer special promotions, updates and newsletters;
  5. To consider any complaints made by the customer.
  6. To provide to any insurer, debt collector and/or law enforcement.

5. Release of Personal Information

  1. Spritz Lane will release limited Personal Information (name, address and contact details) to Australia Post, or elected Courier Company for the purpose of delivering the item to the Customers after an Agreement of Hire and Payment has been processed.
  2. A Customer’s Personal information will be released to Spritz Lane’s insurer, debt collector and/or law enforcement body in the event that the Customer has carried out any of the following actions;
    1. Failed to return the Accessory because it has been stolen or lost and does not;
    2. Attempt to make payments for the full value of the accessory as outlined in the Terms & Conditions;
    3. Failed to pay the penalty fee as outlined in the Terms & Conditions for damage to the item, or late return of the item and does not attempt to make any repayments over the period of 6 months or defaults on an established and agreed upon payment plan between the Customer & Spritz Lane.
  3. A Customer’s Personal Information will never be sold, made visible or disclosed to a third party/any member of the public or on Spritz Lanes website.

6. Period Over Which Personal Information is Stored

  1. A registered Customer’s Personal Information will be stored until the Customer de-registers their account with Spritz Lane. After this, only the name, phone number & email of the Customer’s Personal information will be kept.
  2. A one-off Customer’s entire Personal Information will be stored until the item is returned by the return date, without and damage(s). After this, only the name, phone number and email of the one-off Customer’s Personal Information will be kept.
  3. Whether a Customer is registered as a one-off Customer, the Customer’s entire/Personal information will be stored until any or all owing Penalty Fee’s or appraised values for the accessory is repaired to Spritz Lane. After this, only the name, phone number and email of the one-off Customer’s Personal information will be kept.

7. Cookies

  1. The Customer’s web browser contains cookies which collect amounts of data on the Customer’s device, if it is an enabled feature in the Customer’s browser settings.
  2. The cookies will not collect or breach the Customer’s Personal Information, however will help Spritz Lane identify and track popular features on Spritz Lanes website.
  3. The purpose of the cookies are to guide and assist Spritz Lane with making adjustments and improvements on its website to suit Customer preferences.
  4. The cookies can be disabled through the Customer’s browser settings. Spritz Lane’s website will continue to work if the cookies are disables, however some advanced features may not be available to the Customer.

8. Opting Out

  1. Customer’s can opt out of emails and/or SMS at any time by following the prompts on their email, or Spritz Lanes website to unsubscribe.
  2. Subject to Clause 6, Spritz Lane will continue to store registered, de-registered and one-off customers’ name, phone number and email until the unsubscribe by following the prompts on their email or Spritz Lanes website.

9. Updating Information

  1. A registered Customer may change or update their Personal Information at anytime on / with Spritz Lane.
  2. The old/previous Personal information will be erased from Spritz Lanes data base, provided there is no conflict of information that would become problematic later on during the agreement of hire.
    1. eg; identification details have completely changed, and it is clear that it is a different person.

10. Changes to Privacy Policy

  1. This privacy policy may be subject to change at anytime, and Spritz Lane encourages that all Customers read the Privacy Policy from time to time.
  2. Changes to the Privacy Policy will be kept at a minimum and Spritz Lane will contact all Customers should any significant changes occur.

11. Spritz Lane Terms and Conditions

  1. Spritz Lane urges all Customers to read this Privacy Policy in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions which are set-out on our website

12. Complaints

  1. Should a Customer be concerned about any breach of privacy, all correspondence can be directed to; spritzlane@gmail.com